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Osi Mizrahi is a writer, entrepreneur, and creativity coach whose teachings draw deeply from the traditions of Kabbala, Kundalini, Shambala, and Ayurveda. Mizrahi guides students toward a path that honors the self and promotes self-acceptance. Her philosophy stresses the importance of living a life of purpose and intention, while keeping the creative spark lit and being open to self-reinvention. Training female students to cultivate their inner beauty and strength by embracing their femininity is of particular interest to Mizrahi.

The concept of “home,” representative of self, plays a foundational role in Mizrahi’s ideology. From her own home in Westchester, NY, she runs Osiliving, a business that offers holistic products and inspirational media through the website www.osiliving.com. The company, founded in 2012, stems from Mizrahi’s resolution to help women learn how to achieve emotional and physical well-being through yoga, meditation, medicinal foods, music and other avenues. Mizrahi’s home in Westchester also serves as a spiritual retreat, where she works in a yurt and stays close to the earth by raising chickens, tending beehives, composting and gardening.

Mizrahi also travels the world to learn, grow and explore; she has led workshops in her native Israel as well as in France and Costa Rica. This dialogue between the intimate sphere and larger world is fundamental to Mizrahi’s work helping individuals find balance, the source of all energy. Even as Mizrahi stresses the importance of a simplified life, she lives by the principle of commitment, something she learned by studying yoga and serving as a yoga instructor for more than 20 years.

She has also committed to acting, which allows her to practice openness in a manner reminiscent of yoga. After studying under an acting coach for many years, Mizrahi has learned to deliver monologues and to perform in scenes. Such work requires an extreme presence of mind, offering actors the opportunity to become vessels for enlightenment.

When Mizrahi isn’t engaged with expanding her students’ individual potential, writing inspirational texts, or acting, she can be found cooking, listening to music, rock climbing, traveling, or exploring different cultures.


Osiliving: Sharing Hard-Won Wisdom


The path that led me to found Osiliving was a long and winding one, fraught with many obstacles. Looking back, I can see these challenges were actually opportunities to strengthen myself as both a physical and spiritual being. Now that I’ve reached a place of peace and good health in my life, it is time for me to share my knowledge with other women who can benefit from all I’ve learned. The goal of Osiliving is to help empower females to care for their bodies and minds while celebrating fémininité, their powerful female energy.

Challenges of the Body

My road toward wellness began in the 1990s, at a time when my body was suffering from a painful stomach and digestive disease. A series of New York doctors and hospitals had difficulty diagnosing my illness, and, as a result, I spent years in a weakened physical state. As a mother of three, my body was further stressed by pregnancies and the busy schedule that motherhood entails. By the late 1990s, I could hardly remember what it felt like to be “healthy.”

At that time, I was already deeply involved with yoga. I had been studying Iyengar since I was 18 years old, at about the same time that I had emigrated from my native Israel to the United States. While yoga always brought me great joy, it had also become very physically and emotionally demanding. As each of the yogis in my circle strove to master one difficult pose after the next, I could feel a sense of competition growing among us. Still, my practice was extremely important to me, and I stuck with it through my health problems.

However, an emergency visit to St. Vincent’s hospital in 2008, when I was 37 years old, changed everything. My compromised digestive system had finally caught up with me; one doctor suspected I might have Crohn’s, an incurable autoimmune disease that attacks the body’s intestinal tract. Although the diagnosis was tentative, I was told that I would have to be on medication for the rest of my life.

Triumph of the Spirit 

Although I credit Western medicine with saving my life during that emergency hospital visit, I refused to accept that I would spend the rest of my life on medication. While I rested at home for three months – surrounded by my family and “kula,” or community of friends, I began to completely reevaluate my yoga practice.

I knew that the intense yoga I had been working to master would not be effective while my body was trying to heal. Instead, I turned my attention to the teachings of Kundalini, Shambhala meditation, and Kabbalah. Reading became an important part of my practice. In addition to perusing ancient philosophical texts, I also began to research how to heal the body through diet.

Some of the nutritional changes I made included:

• learning how to maintain a pH balance through healthy eating
• learning how to eat according to the seasons
• integrating more macrobiotic foods in my diet
• using the Ayurveda’s natural health practices for my specific body type
• using Kartar Khalsa’s “Cleanse of Santa Fe,” a vegan detox program that combines taking Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs

The concept of “home” also played an integral role in restoring my body and mind. I learned to create a sanctuary where I lived with my family. This period of quiet helped me learn to hear my inner voice. I remembered the joy I felt as a teenager in Israel on visits to the kibbutzim, or small collective farming communities. The simpleness of that life, its connection to the earth, had always appealed to me. I realized that I needed to find that kind of simplicity in my own life. I knew that would begin with living in a truly holistic manner, one in which yoga was not the dominant force in my life but a part of the whole.

One night after I had made these lifestyle changes, I had a very vivid dream. A crawling bug, no doubt representing the disease, was being removed from my body. As I gently slept, it was as if my cells were telling me that my illness was gone. I took the dream as a sign to work even harder to restore my weakened health through diet and yoga. I grew healthier and stronger by the day; all signs of the illness suspected to be Crohn’s disease eventually disappeared.

Spreading the Message

As a certified Hatha yoga instructor, Kundalini teacher, and Shambhala meditation guide, I’ve shared these lessons with hundreds of women and helped them to discover their essences and reach their individual potentials. As a lifelong student of Ayurveda, I have learned important lessons about balancing the diet, using essential oils, and other strategies for self-care.

Osiliving is about spreading the message even further. My website is a global platform from which I can share my advice on useful practices in maintaining health and spiritual wellbeing. The products available on my website are those that have helped me gather strength, and I offer them to other women in a spirit of generosity.

I believe G-d dwells within us and that we are all spiritual beings: This is the “shiva drishti.” We must balance being the “co-creator” of our lives – living with intention and commitment – and “surrender.” Osiliving helps women connect to their higher selves, turn down the noise and listen to their hearts.

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